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Some of the gorgeous fresh dishes we produce daily for many farmers markets arround the region.



We are a small artisan plant based food  company. We prepare gorgeous food for private functions, events and festivals. Our seasonal recipes are all inspired by the Middle East and we take great care to listen to the feedback from our many customers.


" Our food is so much more than a list of ingredients , its about bringing those ingredients alive to reveal their diverse flavour and texture. "

More shoppers than ever before are looking for fresh and healthy vegetarian and vegan products. Our dishes are cooked with your health in mind; they are low in salt and contain no artificial sugars.


Using natural ingredients and avoiding preservatives and vague chemicals is important to us. Our Dishes are freshly made at our Central Kitchen by Moses himself.  This fact is (partly) what makes us so special.


We make them, we sell them!  Our customers trust us. We’ve spent alot of time earning their respect. This is vital to our ongoing success.


As well as being fanatical about taste, we ensure our dishes and recipes are free from the endless additives that plague modern food.